About Us

My name is Chelsea Hamblin and I am the owner and designer behind Seaport Stitches leather and canvas bags.

I taught myself how to sew when my oldest son was a baby. Once I started I couldn't stop and I loved being able to make things for myself and my family. My favorite projects to make were the diaper bags I made when my own kids were babies. I loved being able to make a bag that fit my needs, because it was so hard to find a functional, durable, and stylish diaper bag. In November of 2014, when my youngest son was about 18 months old I opened up Seaport Stitches and shared my designs with the world.
Designing bags is my pasion and it gives me a creative outlet to keep me sane while raising my two young boys. Being a mom is hard work so it was important for me to stay happy with something I love so I can carry that happiness into my mothering. Being a mom is the most important job that I have and I love providing diaper bags for all of you mammas out there to help make your job a little bit easier.